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This Christmas, Nordik legal recommends......


What is better than enjoying the holiday with an eggnog and the following entertainments?

The long read

A lawyer, mechanic and an engineer walk into a bar..... after blowing open the worst auto scandal in history.

Great article, that covers this exceptional case.

Estimated reading time, 25 minutes - 28 minutes with an eggnog.


Serial is one of the most interesting podcasts of the year. In this podcast one nonfiction story unfolds, episode by episode, over the course of a season. The first season just ended, so you can binge listen to the whole thing.

The season evolves around the murder of Haw Min Lee. Her former boyfriend, Adnand Syed, was prisoned for the crime, largely based on the testimony of his friend, which claimed to have assisted him in burying the body.

But is the case that simple? 

The podcast is highly recommended, and we are very excited to see what season two will unfold.

Planed Money reviews the "Icelandic jubilee"

The news if "the big correctment" or "the jubilee" in Iceland came across Planet Money. 

They met up with Baldur, a Ph.D. in math and a DJ, Heiða, a musician, Ólafur, an economist and Gylfi, a former minister of business affairs. 

The ten best Seinfeld quotes

A Festivus for the rest of us. 

Need I say more?